Monday, August 31, 2015

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Ball to acquire Conard-Pyle

The sale is scheduled to close by the end of September 2015. More

Michael Geary resigns as AmericanHort president and CEO

David Savoia, the CFO and senior vice president for operations, will serve as interim president and CEO. More

EPA proposes stronger pesticide standards

The standards will include improved training and minimum age requirements for certified applicators. More

Upgrading refrigeration equipment

By John W. Bartok Jr.

New technology has improved refrigeration systems. It may be time for an upgrade. More

Trend setter

By Matt McClellan

Alex Traven leads Peace Tree Farm's environmental initiatives and aims to keep millennial customers happy. More

Product Spotlight

Stasis - Drench Anti-Transpirant

 When STASIS is drenched into the soil and contacts with the root system, plants react bu naturally raising their own ABA level... More

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USDA study: Temperature linked to plant water usage

Farmers may soon have use for infrared radiometric thermometers when testing water stress. More

Robotic greenhouse to open in New York

Agbotic Inc. will open a 15,000-square foot greenhouse with an automated robot that waters vegetables and prevents weeds. More

PANTS show canceled for 2015

The show was scheduled for Nov. 4-5. More

Farwest Show dedicates Growers Showcase to edibles

The Growers Showcase is a show within a show and gives attendees a concentrated look at aspects of the industry that impact growers. More

Arysta LifeScience adds two regional sales managers

Steve Vining and Phil Reding will work with customers in the Northern Plains and Western regions, respectively. More

GGIA announces WINTERgreen 2016

The conference and trade show will take place Jan. 27-29. More

Syngenta plans divestment of Flowers seeds business

The company announced its intention to divest Flowers seeds from its Lawn and Garden operating unit. More

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Created by women, for women

Founding members Rebecca Lusk and Kate Santos introduce Luxflora, an organization for women executives in the horticulture industry. More