Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Premium crops grow profits

By Leslie Finical Halleck

At a time when differentiation is key, you could be taking advantage of value-added and proprietary products to improve your bottom line. More

Cue the sun

By Ned Madden

"Intelligent" lighting options could maximize your growing capabilities by replicating the sun's spectrum. Are they right for you and your operation? More

Yelp for plants

By Michelle Simakis

GrowIt! allows novice and experienced gardeners alike to share, rate and review plants. More

Calendar enables Easter lily growers to catch a break

By Richard McAvoy

Unlike last year’s late-season date, this year’s mid-season date is advantageous in many ways. More

Calling in the biological team: Control of Fusarium

By A.R. Chase

Fusarium continues to be one of the toughest pathogens to diagnose and control. Here are some tips for prevention and care. More

Product Spotlight

Coreopsis Limerock series makes colorful, high-end combos

Combination pots are hot! But if you want offer something above and beyond a basic petunia basket, and enjoy higher margins as a result, take a long... More

Latest News

Bell Nursery acquires two new growing operations in Virginia and North Carolina

The additions will help supply plants to Home Depot garden centers, Bell's primary customer. More

Heliospectra AB's U.S. patent application approved

The patent focuses on LED light optimization and work efficiency processes. More

Gowan announces EPA registration of Captiva

The insect repellant/insecticide helps control thrips and spider mites. More

New York Botanical Garden reaches milestone

A rare carnivorous native plant is the two-millionth specimen to be digitized in NYBG's virtual herbarium. More

Sakata supporting Tour de Fresh cyclist

The company will be donating to Ron Cramer, who hopes to bring more salad bars to Los Angeles County.. More

BloomNation, digital flower delivery service, announces initial financing

The floristry website has received $5.5 million in Series A financing. More

Researchers fight invasive grass with goats

Goats are better than herbicides at clearing invasive marsh grass, say scientists. More

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Positively Zero

Cozy Acres Greenhouses, in Maine, recently constructed its first "Zero Emissions" greenhouse, which receives electricity from the sun and heat from the Earth. Owner Jeff Marstaller explains how it all works. More