Friday, July 31, 2015

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Trend setter

By Matt McClellan

Alex Traven leads Peace Tree Farm's environmental initiatives and aims to keep millennial customers happy. More

Idle minds

By Edward D. Hess

Humans are lazy thinkers. Discover 5 ways to override the lazy brain in your company culture. More

Considering cannabis?

By Noelle Skodzinski

34 points to help you decide if entering this expanding market is right for your business. More

Restoring the landscape, one backyard at a time

By Leslie Finical Halleck

Due to concerns over water shortages and wildlife preservation, the demand for native varieties is growing among consumers. More

The Growing Edge: Inside the hiring process

By Chris Mosby

A New York growing operation discusses the challenges of finding qualified job candidates, the hiring process and life as a startup. More

Product Spotlight

Drexel Beau-Ron D - Soluble Boron Micronutrient

Beau-Ron D is an effective borate additive for most liquid fertilizers. It is recommended for use on field, vegetable, tree and nut crops. More

Latest News

Gene Hurst, founder of Hurst Boiler, passes away

Hurst founded his company in Coolidge, Ga. More

MSU Extension unveils new crop production cost estimation tool

Free spreadsheets are available to help growers estimate costs and explore cost-saving opportunities. More

Gotham Greens to build world's largest rooftop greenhouse above Chicago factory

The 75,000-square-foot facility above an eco-friendly soap manufacturer will be constructed this fall. More

Failed vertical greenhouse advertised on Craigslist Vancouver for $1.5 million

The high-tech greenhouse was slated to produce 200 kilograms of organic leafy greens daily. More

2015 International Trials Conference Early Bird Registration closes July 31

The conference, which dovetails into the 2015 Farwest Show scheduled for Aug. 27 to 29. More

Pleasant View Gardens selects David Martin as territory sales manager

The Loudon, New Hampshire-based grower appointed Martin to its Northeast region. More

Cornell floriculture specialist wins IPM award

Nora Catlin has received an “Excellence in IPM” award from the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program for her work at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County. More

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Created by women, for women

Founding members Rebecca Lusk and Kate Santos introduce Luxflora, an organization for women executives in the horticulture industry. More