Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Mixing it up

By Neil Moran

Growers are always looking for a new growing advantage. These three ingredients for soilless potting mixes are worth your consideration. More

Trialing and tribulations

By Chris Mosby

Plant trialing is an arduous process. Find out how three trial garden managers navigate the weather, diseases, pests, and other complications to produce evaluations. More

Poinsettias on trial

By Joe Jancsurak

Work is underway on what some consider to be the Midwest’s premier poinsettia event. More

Battling pests with IGRs

By Raymond Cloyd

Learn why these compounds should always be incorporated into insecticide rotation programs in order to prevent insect pest populations from developing resistance. More

Controlling rust

By A.R. Chase

Many ornamentals are affected by rust diseases. Thankfully, tried-and-true protectants remain effective. More

Product Spotlight

Bounty Turf & Ornamental Insecticide

BOUNTY T&O INSECTICIDE is a systemic product for use on turf, plants in nurseries and landscapes, greenhouses and interior plantscapes. More

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Sphagnum Peat Moss harvest lower than expected

A survey of the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association revealed that most members reported a smaller harvest in 2014. More

Tire companies producing plant-based tires

Bridgestone and Cooper announced plans to produce alternative tires within the next few decades. More

Corpse flower's stench attracts pollinators

The rare flower emits a smell akin to rotting flesh. That smell attracts certain pollinators. More

Kansas State University blog wins award

The Prairie Star Flower blog, operated by Kansas State University, won the "Outstanding Education Materials Award." More

Bid made on Boston Flower Exchange

The wholesale supplier has received a mysterious $35 million bid from an unknown source. More

British facility constructs Twitter-reactive garden

The garden will open, close and re-arrange itself according to Twitter commands. More

Heinz Brothers garden center owner remembers his father

Jay Schrock says his father, Joel, was inspired to buy the Heinz Brothers business after working for Ball Seed. More

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Becoming eco-friendly

Andrew Miziolek, the operations manager for Terra Greenhouses, discusses some of his company's eco-friendly practices. More