Saturday, April 18, 2015

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Plan for drought with water-wise plants

By Leslie Finical Halleck

Demand for water is higher than ever. Growers should focus on drought-tolerant plant offerings to appeal to irrigation-conscious consumers. More

Replacing chemistry with biology

By Cassie Neiden

Allison Justice, co-owner and lead grower for Hope Greenhouses, LLC, is an advocate of using biological agents and implements her research directly into her own crops. More

Light years ahead

By Cassie Neiden

Researchers, manufacturers and growers weigh in on the present and (near) future of LED grow lighting. More

The state of Japanese CEA

By Chris Mosby

A lack of arable land, space and a declining population have made the clever use of technology and abandoned buildings a necessity in Japan. More

Prevent and protect

By Brian Cantin

Selecting the right equipment is a time-consuming and crucially important process. Maybe more important? Keeping that equipment efficient. More

Product Spotlight

Saponaria pumilio

What a great creeping perennial for those tight spots that need a color boost in late spring. Dense green mats stay tidy all year and pop with... More

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Broad mites now active in greenhouse floriculture crops

Growers need to recognize symptoms and understand the most effective miticides to control this pest. More

Botrytis blight outbreaks expected due to weather

Clouds and rain favor Botrytis blight, but cultural practices and correct fungicides will help until the sun shines. More

Armstrong Growers acquires Do Right's Plant Growers

The official transfer of ownership is set for June 1, 2015. More

USDA announces record number of organic producers in U.S.

More than 27,000 operations have been certified. More

Nature Fresh Farms breaks ground on 180-acre Ohio greenhouse project

The upcoming state-of-the-art facility is expected to produce its first tomatoes by December 2015. More

SparkFund partners with LumiGrow to offer payment plans for lighting systems

Indoor grower gains access to energy-efficient grow lights with integrated financing solution. More

Lowe's to stop selling products containing neonics

The retailer will phase them out over the next four years. More

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Procuring more plants

Bailey Nurseries discusses the advantages of acquiring Plant Introductions Inc. from Michael Dirr and his team. More