Friday, November 28, 2014

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I am a survivor

By Jenny Wegley and Kaylee Decker

It's never too soon to start thinking about spring and summer. Selecting varieties that can thrive, even in the heat, is crucial. More

Containing perennials

By Karlyn Green

One of the growing trends in consumer purchasing is container perennials. Getting in on the growing popularity could help your bottom line. More

Keeping water clean with copper

By Alyssa DeVincentis, Robin Brumfield, Paul Gottlieb

Kube Pak's water program isn’t about recycling, but it is about effective management and disinfection of its water. More

2014 State of the Industry Report: Find your focus

By GM Staff

Capitalize on steady industry growth and trends to make the changes your business needs now for a successful 2015. More

The buzz on the pollinator effect

By Produce Grower Staff

Bees can greatly improve your plants’ fruit. Here’s what you need to know to achieve a healthy habitat in your greenhouse. More

Product Spotlight

Gear-drive mixers

Neptune Mixer Company offers a range of gear-driven portable mixers that provide dependable performance in a variety of mixing/blending... More

Latest News

Snow collapses greenhouses in Buffalo

Several greenhouses at Amos Zittel & Sons collapsed under the tremendous weight of snow. More

Cornell's corpse flower to bloom again

The plant bloomed for the first time in 2012. Its blooming attracted more than 10,000 visitors. More

Heat pumps could reduce greenhouse heating oil use

Early results from a University of New Hampshire project have shown heat pumps have the potential to substantially reduce heating oil consumption. More

GrowIt! wins mobile app award

The social gardening app was named best in its market category. More

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment rolls out new website

Searching the website for fan and dealer information is now easier. More

USDA appoints new NAREEE board members

Eight individuals will assume roles on the Board. More

Locus Traxx Worldwide partners with Paramount Citrus

Paramount Citrus is the largest fresh citrus grower in the Western United States. More

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The Plant Innovation Program

The University of Florida's IFAS operates the Plant Innovation Program, where researchers conduct human sensory analysis to find out what aspect of fruits, vegetables and flowers humans like best. More