Monday, December 22, 2014

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Happy holidays from Greenhouse Management magazine

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and safe holiday season. More

10 tips for recycling irrigation water

By Alyssa DeVincentis

Efficient water use and reuse is a crucial issue for growers. Here are ten quick and easy tips to remember. More

Talking ferns

By GM Staff

Greenhouse Management spoke with Dr. Raymond Kessler from Auburn University about ferns: their cultivation, common pests and diseases and their history. More

Keeping Clean

By Dr. Nicole Ward Gauthier

Utilizing proper greenhouse sanitation techniques can prevent disease in your plants. Make sure you’re cleaning properly. More

Home Depot mandates extra tag for neonic-treated plants

By Matt McClellan

Amid concerns about the effect of neonicotinoid insecticides on pollinator populations, the retailer now requires a special tag on plants treated with them. More

Product Spotlight

Crystal Green Slow-Release Fertilizer

Crystal Green from Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies, is the only slow-release fertilizer with a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and... More

Latest News

Terra Nova announces new Heucherella

The company is announcing the new 'Hot Spot' Heucherella as part of a 2014 "Sneak Peek." More

Small Business Administration Launches 2015 Emerging Leaders initiative

Entrepreneurship training initiative sparks increased small business growth and job creation. More

More problems for bees: their favorite plants are gone

New research shows that enhancing floral resources may help mitigate bee loss. More

Illumitex partners with Sunwave

Sunwave is an energy management firm serving residential, commercial and industrial clients in the United States and Canada. More

Plant ratings from 2014 trials now available in database

After three trialing seasons, The National Plant Trials Database has more than 30,000 plant ratings. More

Southern Living Plant Collection unveils 2015 collection

Thirty-seven introductions will be added to the 2015 collection. More

USDA expands protection for certain specialty crops

Vegetables, fruits, ornamental nursery and floriculture products will now have expanded protection from the Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program. More

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Retrofitting for your operation

Bill Bissell, lead process designer for Agrinomix, explains how a grower can lay out their facility for maximum efficiency. More